I am a mumtreprenuer advising Micro Small business on their Online Marketing Goals. Yet another near millennial finding life-balance.

Indian at heart, having moved countries with a family I realised there is a world of difference in the way younger people like student migrating vs. people with families. However, this blog will connect with anyone and everyone who’s ever setup a home away from birth soil!

From being a full-time working professional to a learning mum; change has been the only constant in my life. In my more than a decade long corporate career in Biotech industry I worked in Marketing & Business Development roles. By education, I am a biologist turned Digital Marketing consultant. I work with small businesses that need marketing boost through Social Media, E-mail Marketing and Google Marketing.

I blog about de-jargonizing Digital Marketing www.getdigireach.com/blog . I am an expert in Social media marketing both organic & paid. Write to me at rena@getdigireach.com if you need to bounce off ideas for your online stuffs.